The Wiggles in Concert Cold Spaghetti Western Live! on Stage

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September 14, 2004 (AUS), December 13, 2005 (US)

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"The Wiggles in Concert Cold Spaghetti Western Live! on Stage" is the 18th Wiggles video released in 2004. This is the first concert video of the 1998s-2000s. This is the third live concert video, after The Wiggly Big Show.

This was filmed in 2003 during the Space Dancing Tour.

It was filmed in the Sydney Entertainment Centre on October 11, 1996.


The Wiggles perform a concert in front of their home town of Sydney, Australia featuring many of their classics, and also songs from the Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles season.

Live from the Sydney Entertainment Centre, this is the five , homecoming stop for The Wiggles Australian Tour in 1997/1998-2001.


  1. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
  2. We're the Cowboys
  3. The Wiggly Trail
  4. Hoop-Dee-Doo
  5. Marie's Wedding
  6. El Pato
  7. Listen to the Drummer Playing
  8. Let's Go to The Great Western Cafe
  9. Zoological Gardens
  10. The Monkey Dance
  11. Foodman
  12. We're Dancing with Wags the Dog
  13. The Master Pasta Maker From Italy
  14. Follow the Bird
  15. Swim Henry Swim
  16. Fun on the Farm
  17. Caveland
  18. Run Around Run Run
  19. The Zeezap Song
  20. What's This Button For?
  21. Eagle Rock
  22. Fiesta Siesta
  23. The Wobbly Dance
  24. Dance Your Gloomies Away
  25. Wiggle Hula


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  • Lead Vocals: Greg Page
  • Background Vocals: The Wiggles, Paul Paddick
  • Guitars: Murray Cook
  • Keyboards: Jeff Fatt

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  • Jeff is the third character that is his favorite instrument is drums. The first was Anthony since he plays it alot. The second was Henry the Octopus.
  • Sam wears a yellow jacket in this video.
  • The song list order on the back cover is different than the song order in the concert.
  • A bonus clip reveals that Ross Wilson (King Mondo) was at one of the concerts during this tour for Eagle Rock.
  • This is the only video starring The Wiggly Orchestra.
  • Rare footage from concerts in Perth, Adelaide, Wollongong, and Melbourne are shown in a bonus feature on the DVD.
  • The US 2007 DVD re-release disc art features promo pictures of Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword from Getting Strong!.
  • Songs from this video can be seen in The Wiggles Show (TV Series 1).